Pointless is committed to making our classes a safe and welcoming space for our students. We expect our students to treat each other with respect and to play together safely. If you ever feel threatened, please speak to the teachers, Education Director ( or owners ( or We also have an anonymous form to report issues:

Make sure to wear clothing and shoes that allow you to participate in the exercises safely and comfortably. 

 We expect you to be in a state of mind and body to participate safely in the class work, and not under the influence of alcohol and/or other mind-altering substances (illegal or prescribed). There is no smoking, vaping, or e-cigarettes allowed in the PSI.

If you are behaving in a way that is unsafe, your teacher can ask you to leave class and this will be reported to the Education Director. If this happens again, you will be removed from the program without refund. 

Sexual Harassment

Pointless Brewery & Theatre’s position is that sexual harassment is a form of misconduct that undermines the integrity of the relationships between and among students and teachers.

  • What is sexual harassment?  Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted physical, verbal or visual sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other sexually oriented conduct which is offensive or objectionable to the recipient, including, but not limited to: epithets, derogatory or suggestive comments, slurs or gestures and offensive posters, cartoons, pictures, or drawings

  • What is not sexual harassment?  Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature.

If you feel that you have been the recipient of sexually harassing behavior, report it immediately to your teacher, or if you feel more comfortable you can contact the Education Director ( or owners ( or We also have an anonymous form to report issues:

We take sexual harassment and other forms of harassment seriously, and investigate any and all reports. Consequences of harassing behavior range from removal from the class section, suspension from classes for a term, removal from the PSI program, and/or being banned from Pointless all together, based on the severity and/or number of incidents, and with respect for the victim’s rights.

Reports of sexual assault, stalking behavior, physical violence, and/or verbal abuse, as well as other such behaviors deemed unacceptable to the theater, after a thorough investigation, will result in a complete ban from Pointless Theatre.

Pointless observes a non-retaliation policy against anyone reporting an incident. Reporting parties will not be discriminated against in future classes, auditions, or performance opportunities at Pointless.

Why Is This So Important To Us?

Improv is all about collaboration and trust. Improv’s collaborative creation process takes the whole group, and we all have to discover this and respect it as the group.

What's funny and acceptable within improv is ever evolving, along with society, and we must recognize and grow with it, or not accept it and try something else. That's the individual's choice. There are things one simply cannot do in improv that you can do in stand up and sketch comedy because, by their very nature, they are written and being presented as content representing the individual stand up comic or by the writer of the sketch. They are also rehearsed, revised, and refined based on whatever they want the jokes and sketches to be about and represent. Improv, being collaborative, in the moment, and unrehearsed as to its content, needs the consensus of the group to work and grow. Also, because of this very in the moment, unrehearsed nature, what comes out of the mouths of improvisers is more assigned to the individual themselves by fellow players and audience members, as opposed to an actor doing a sketch.


We expect you to arrive on time and ready to learn. Missing class diminishes your learning and impacts the cohesion of the group.

  • If you miss more than 2 classes, or more than 6 hours (leaving early/showing up late), you cannot advance to the next level. Students retaking classes because of absences pay full price to repeat.

  • You can make up missed classes (in the same level only, unless approved by the Education Director) during weeks 1-6 only by setting up a makeup time with your teacher, so they can let the other teacher know. No attendance exceptions will be made for Long Form classes.

  • You must be at class #7 to participate in the class show.

Food and Drink

We provide water and a few other beverage options for you to enjoy during break time. You are welcome to bring in your own snacks and drinks, but please respect the space and clean up after yourself. No alcohol is allowed in the PSI.

Weather Cancellation

On rare occasions, PSI will close because of extreme weather. If your class is cancelled, you will receive an email explaining this, and there will be a post on the main page of the Pointless website,


  • If there are any unsold seats to our Pointless Improv Shows (Fridays & Saturdays at 8 & 10 pm) or Shadow League Shows (Thursdays at 7:30 pm), these will become available to PSI students who are present at the box office, 3014 Packard, five minutes before showtime. Tell the box office staff your name and that you are a current PSI student and you can have one remaining ticket. This offer does not include special events.

  • We also have Improv Jams and The Open Stage on Sunday nights at 7:30 pm, where you have a chance to get up on stage. Visit for more details.

  • Once you have successfully completed an improv class, you may retake that class for a discounted rate of $100. This Repeat Enrollment period takes place one week after General Enrollment opens. There is no repeat discount for Improv 1.

Class Showcase

There will be a class showcase between weeks 7 and 8 of your class. Tickets are $5 each, and we encourage your friends and family to reserve their tickets, as these often sell out.

Showcase Attire

For your performance, appropriate dress requires closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals), no shorts, and leggings if you wear a skirt. The general rule is “cover your knees, cover your toes.” Your class may choose to coordinate outfits.

Refund Policy

Students can receive a full refund if they need to drop the class before it begins. After the first or second class, the refund is $175 (for students using the using the Repeat Class Discount, the refund is $50). There are no refunds after the third class begins.


 In most cases, the next level of your class will be on the same day of the week and time as your current class.

Our classes often fill very quickly, so we offer a Priority Enrollment Week for current students. During that week, you can enroll for the next class on the same day only. You cannot switch days or sections during this time. Priority Enrollment Week takes place four weeks before the start of the next term.

General Enrollment begins three weeks before the start of the next term. During this time, anyone can enroll and you can enroll in a different section if you wish. If you are enrolling for a class you are repeating, the discounted rate of $100 becomes available one week after General Enrollment opens.

In the final week before the term starts, a Late Enrollment Fee of $25 is added to each class.

You can see the specific dates for each term here.