Workshops are single-session classes that focus on a specific aspect of improv.

Refund policy: Students can get a full refund if they drop the class at least 24 hours prior to its start. After that, there is no refund.


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can’t not sing

A workshop that focuses on the basic element of improvisation, Point of View.

Then we add the element of music.

In this class you’ll be encouraged to sing what you feel in order to create solid relationships between characters.

Date: Saturday, February 2
Time: 11:30-2:30 pm

Time: 3:30-6:30 pm
Instructor: RJ Cach
Musical Director: Charlie Worth
Prerequisite: Intermediate 2 or higher
Total: 12 students max
Workshop Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $40

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this one’s for the girls!

An all female workshop to explore the unlimited choices available in scenes. Concentrating on confidence, initiations, character choices and kick-ass scene work!

Date: Saturday, February 9
Time: 3:30-6:30 pm
Instructor: Maggie O'Reilly
Prerequisite: completed Improv 1 or higher
Total: 12 students max
Workshop Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $30

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Workshop: Crafting an Artisanal Improv Show

Improv is a powerful tool for creation and storytelling in the theater. However it may not be obvious how to use this tools to create your own immersive theatrical experience. This workshop will walk you through an accelerated process to devise a completely original improv show structure. Furthermore we will develop a vocabulary to critically evaluate the effectiveness of these creations (based on the essays of Anne Bogart). Specifically we will explore the concept of meta-improvising, whereby we create characters and narratives that surround the improvised scenes rather than performing as a bunch of actors just waiting for a suggestion. This workshop is intended for players with both short form and long form improv experience.

Takeaway: At the end of the workshop, students should have a basic technique to create their own unique improv shows from scratch

Date: Saturday, March 9
Time: 3:30-6:30 pm
Instructor: Matthew Flickinger
Prerequisite: completed Intermediate 3 or higher
Total: 12 students max
Workshop Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $30